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Business owners want sustainable businesses, and businesses generally want to be more sustainable. Is your business on the right path to sustainability?

If it feels like your business might have slightly wandered off track, take our sustainability health check – find ou where your business is at, and how it can continue to improve going forward.

Our health checks are short questionnaires that will help you identify issues in your business and ways to combat
them.They don't take long to complete and at the end of the process you’ll get a downloadable list of recommended actions to take.

You will also get plenty of information and templates to help you implement the recommended changes.

For availing credit facility
You may wish to take debt finance or structured facility to improve your liquidity position, to expand your business, or take up new venture or you may wish to evaluate your business position to reduce or restructure existing facility. Avail business health check , to evaluate your financial position for future competitiveness and growth.

To attract VC or Private Equity
Getting private equity investor in your office is not everybody’s cup of tea. You need a specialist’s help to start the discussion. All your financials, assets, officials, strategies should be in proper place, before you start a discussion with your potential investor. Check your business health if you are eligible to attract PE players.

For corporate Governance
If you are a successful entrepreneur in your industry and you have earned good reputation among your peers. Now the onus is on you to take the business forward and handover to next leader. A strong corporate governance is a must for you to sustain in this competitive and complex economy. Business health check gives you an advance signal against and odd and helps to take your business through successful growth path.

Comprehensive Health Check
Access Finance
Is your business growth currently hampered by a lack of funding? If you are thinking of acquiring funding, we will help you throughout the pre-funding process and talk you through possible funding sources including the non traditional funding from banks and institutions. Other options such as invoice finance and factoring, if properly managed can also be an extremely efficient way to help fund a growing business. After funding, we will support you in ways that will help you maximise your investment and reassure your investors.

Would your business benefit from support in renegotiating a bank facility or creating business plans and forecasts? Do you need a business healthcheck? Of course rather than be at the whim of external financiers, it is best to management your cashflow effectively using internal measures. See our cashflow tips here or contact us now to help manage your funding process.


Manufacturing Trading Precious Metals Contracting Construction
Marine Aviation Service sector Islamic funding Retail Syndication

Do you want to know how a monthly cash flow forecast can actively manage your business money?
A cash flow forecast is the essential money management tool that enables you to make sound business decisions

Do you want to know how breakeven analysis can help improve your business?
Knowing exactly what you need to sell each week to cover your costs helps you make better business decisions.

Do you want to know how to generate cash reserves and secure revenue?
Three months’ cash reserves or secure revenue streams provide time to organise emergency survival strategies

Do you want to know how to make a profit on every product or service you sell?
It’s essential to trade for profit, not just sales. Do you really know that every activity is profitable?

Do you want to know how you can solve unplanned financial issues?
It’s important to spot in advance any financial issues that could derail your business.


When you need to do health check

  • While launching new Product
  • At Capital Expenditure
  • When you are short of fund
  • Buyout of new business
  • Opening New Division
  • When Extending credit
  • Renewing existing relationship
  • When Restructuring credit facility