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Compliance authorisation

Corporate Governance & Authorisation
While assisting our clients in setting up in the DIFC, we became aware of HR challenges during the incorporation process. Many of our clients sent their first employee to the UAE to manage the incorporation. But while a company is under incorporation, their employees cannot start their relocation. HR Solutions was founded to solve this issue and assist company’s on HR issues after incorporation.
Ultiwise Consult can work as a team and partner with your firm, guiding you through the whole application process. We will oversee every element of the application and provide you with all the Compliance policies, procedures, systems and controls needed to meet the DFSA’s requirements. Our documentation will not only get you through the authorisation process but also provide you with a firm compliance foundation for your business to grow from. Post authorisation, our highly experienced consultants can provide on-going compliance advice, training Board Representation

Transparency Rating
Within the Private Equity space, you will regularly interact and deal people and businesses from all over the world and you need to be comfortable that your dealings and any potential transaction(s) do not present an unacceptable risk to you or your company in terms of breaching global AML and Sanctions laws and regulations. It is our experience that you can easily enter into transaction discussions, which can run for a number of weeks or months, before realising that the proposed transaction cannot be completed as the counter party does not pass the required Sanctions or AML due diligence checks.
Our team of experienced professionals can provide you with the essential tools and services to ensure that you and your firm remains compliant with applicable Sanctions and AML/CTF** regulations.