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1. Company Details- Management, structure, Locations, Current Manpower strength.

2. What is the nature of Clients Business /Scope of Business / Products etc.

3. What is the Organization Culture – leader ship style etc .

4. What are the total staff strength, employee turnover ratio and expansion plan.

5. Employment process : agency, employee referral, Internal Recruitment Team,Headhunter.

6. Who approves the new hires (addition to staffs, replacement etc ).

7. How many current openings you have ?And how long the positions have been open?

8. What is your average time to fill the positions ?

9. Do you conduct any pre-employement skills test / technical tests to the candidates ?

10. Do you have any nationality preference or specific age group for the new hires .

11. Is your payroll handled by your HR Team / or it is out sourced ?

12. Any specific pending HR issues / litigations .

13. How often do you conduct Training sessions to your employees / or is it outsourced ?

14. Competitors list - From where you want the specific candidates to be headhunted from.