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Why should I consider engaging the services of Ultiwise Consult for my hiring needs?

We are a leading management consultant, having a pedigree stretching over years specialising in global talent search,Executive Search, HR Outsourcing in different sector. To fulfill your hiring needs, we adopt a holistic approach and cater to comprehensive &cost effective recruitment solutions. We understand the market well and have a wide network which can cater to most contingency based recruitment mandates.

As an employer what is the best way to get in touch with Ultiwise Consult for a quick and efficient response?

Please send us a brief email at and briefly mention your current requirements. We will get in touch with you ASAP . Alternatively , you can loggin to our website and fill up the HIRING ENQUIRY FORM & we will contact you at the earliest .

What is your professional fees if we select your candidate ?

We charge placement fees upon successful onboarding of the candidate to your organization & believe in happy PARTNERING , as a result our professional fees are much below the market practices . However , there are different slabs for different level of hiring .

Do you charge any fees to your candidates for placing them and helping them get suitable jobs?

No we don't charge any fees to any of the job seekers for recruitment.

What does your executive search entails ?

Our Executive solution service includes:-

i) Identifying the requirements & need for the job.

ii) Matching the job specifications with the purpose of the job.

iii) Candidate Screening

iv) Candidate Profiling

v) Short listing Applicants for Interview.

vi) Preliminary Interviewing

vii) PreEmployement Checks & gathering References .

Does Ultiwise Consult handle senior management and C- Suite level recruitment mandates as well?

Yes we provide executive search and recruitment solutions for all levels and have an exclusive team which manages from midlevel executives to senior management mandates. We maintain absolute confidentiality and our approach is based on headhunting selective candidates based on client requirements. Please get in touch with us with your requirements and our team will send you the specific details.

Do you work for Temporary & part time positions as well ?

Yes, we do temporary & part time positions.

I have an internal recruitment team within my company, should I still consider engaging Ultiwise Consult ?

We can offer you a solution to your most contingency recruitment needs in a cost effective manner. You can outsource your complete HR needs to us and we can deliver quality to you even with tight deadlines. We work as your recruitment partner and let you save time, effort and cost by blending in with your existing HR infrastructure.

Do you work for Headhunting assignments & fetch us the right talent from a specific company?

Yes, we do . We have a expert team Our Headhunting Search Methodology works in following manner :-

a) Headhunting from a specific competitors in the local / global market .

b) Headhunting from specific organization, if certain details are furnished like name, position, contact details.

What is your Turn-around time (TAT) in sourcing?

From the time the job orders are shared with us it takes maximum 24- 48 hours to send you the relevant profiles. However, for certain niche positions, it might take slightly more time as owing to market research .

Can you provide us with a solutions from international & global market?

Yes, we do . We have extensive networking & rich databank which enables us to provide you with most efficient & potential talent. Ultiwise Consult understands the dynamics attached to talent acquisition, relationship management and the required service levels within the regional industry .

Do you work for assignments for fulfilling UAE National positions?

Yes . We have a pool of talents of UAE National that ranges from junior to Top management level in various industry segments . Our aim is to connect the right candidates with employers through our dedicated executive consultants.