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It is important to review the efficiency of your business and detect possible cash leaks arising from situations that could result in declining profits for your business. A business Healthcheck gives you an idea of your true financial situation and alerts you on issues that need urgent attention.
There are many areas businesses need to watch out for including a hardcore of debt, which never seems to reduce, the need to purchase goods on a proforma basis, difficulties in meeting your monthly/quarterly commitments to pay, bank instalments and the ensuing fines and penalties. You can’t assess your entire financial situation now but this FREE test will definitely be a good place to start. You may then decide if you wish to get a fully comprehensive diagnostic afterwards if it highlights issues that cannot be ignored further.
Book a FREE face to face session with a Finance Director right after the test to address any areas of concern.

Our focus is on the business and reporting issues that affect your cashflow, profitability, budgeting, risks and funding. We are focused on reporting for tomorrow and current data, not on historics and what could have been – but what is and what could be


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1. Do you raise customer invoices immediately a service/ product is delivered? Answer YES if immediate or NO if scheduled.

2. Do you use any cash planning tools e.g. cash flow forecast to manage liquidity needs and for investment control?

3. Do you have, or are your suppliers aware that you have, a standard periodic payment run e.g. last Friday in a month?

4. Does your business have any late payment debtors?

5. Do your debtors constantly exceed your credit terms (e.g. worse than 60 days)?

6. Do you get your previous month’s accounts within 10 working days of the previous month end?

7. Do you have a standard debt recovery process that kicks in automatically when debt is first overdue?

8. Have you prepared financial statements in last 2 years from an Auditor?

9. Do you get all the reports you need to run your business in one ‘easy-to-understand’ report?

10. Do you periodically review ‘operational’ costs for areas of savings renegotiation e.g. professional advice, marketing, rentals, energy?

11. Can you identify the contribution made by each product/ service line to your profit and which ones are most profitable?

12. Have you had penalties arising from DED or Govt. authority inspection?

13. Are you forced to use staff to perform tasks for which they are not qualified (e.g. a bookkeeper for a Financial Controller role)?

14. Are you aware of emerging funding opportunities?

15. Are you worried about the cost of your finance function/team?