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We thank you for your interest in Ultiwise Consult and the confidence you have shown in us.
As expert consultants, we

1. Build a relationship based on mutual trust and confidentiality- Our process is discreet and you can be confident that your career move will be known when you are ready to disclose the same. We build your trust by giving honest and impartial feedback every step of the way.

2. Understand your career plans, requirements and ideal career growth path- We take time to understand your career history and aspirations and help you identify the type of job role you wish to secure.

3. Provide suitable opportunities & career resources- We believe there is more to building a career than simply looking for a job. We provide ideas, inspiration and techniques to help achieve the career success you deserve.

4. Forward your credentials to our clients only after obtaining your consent and discussing the opportunity on hand.Your resume is submitted only when you approve and are interested to pursue the discussed role.

5. Preparation for the interview: An interview is a unique social situation and it is in your best interest to stick to the basics. Take the time to prepare yourself well, both physical grooming and interview preparation, so that you put yourself in the best possible position to receive an offer. Remember, it is not always the most qualified person who gets the job- it is often the one who is best prepared.

6. Communicate promptly throughout the search process- Make sure the position is the right move for you, take time to understand the company requirements. We ensure that proper feedback is given at every interview stage.

7. Since we are working on the employer’s mandate, we do not charge candidate recruitment fees.




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